Neurotitan Gallery

Berlin, Germany

15 dicembre 2018

Sono felice di annunciare che l'opera First Arrival, realizzata in collaborazione con Elfo, è stata selezionata dalla curatrice Annika Hirsekorn e inclusa nella mostra collettiva Happy Habitat, presso la storica galleria Neurotitan a Berlino, Germania.

I am glad to announce that First Arrival, work realized in collaboration with Elfo, has been selected by curator Annika Hirsekorn and included in the group exhibition Happy Habitat, at Neurotitan gallery, Berlin Germany.

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In a society in which rent increases, crowding out and evictions are causes of ever-increasing fears affecting a cross section of the population, art unfolds its immediate potential for action and agency. The works developed and selected for HABITAT HAPPY depict this and approach the subject of housing, living space and living culture individually: Loudly and using the aesthetics of protest culture, but also sublimely and poetically - conceiving the living space as something holistic, touching our deepest human needs.


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